Kent B. Payne

Attorney at law
Business and commercial litigation

For years, we have provided efficient and effective representation for small businesses involved in disputes. We approach each case with this question-- how can we achieve a good result for our client in the most quick and cost effective manner? Our clients are informed at each step and involved in decision making. We have successfully done battle with some of the largest corporations in the world.  

​contracts and business documents

Our extensive litigation experience provides unique insights into the pitfalls of poorly drafted agreements.   All too often, documents leave out important details. What is worse, some execute forms of agreement supplied by mega corporations, only to find their terms oppressive when disputes arise.

We know how to draft detailed business agreements to protect your rights. We will help you identify risks inherent in the mega corporations' form agreements. A bit of advice before you sign your next deal may mean the difference between success and disaster.

child custody and support

Custody and support cases are often so very difficult for parents.  You need a strong advocate who will stand up for you.  We know how challenging these cases are.  We know that the well-being and peace of mind of both you and your children greatly depend on the outcomes in these proceedings.  We know how to achieve positive results.   

criminal defense/dwi

Effective criminal defense requires vigorous advocacy. A criminal defense practice is not merely an "escort service," providing a lawyer to escort you to court to plead guilty. Skilled criminal defense lawyers must be ready and willing to defend you at trial. When your liberty is at stake, the last thing you want is a lawyer with feet of clay.

If it is to your advantage, we work with prosecutors to secure the best plea deal for you. Nevertheless, we stand ready and willing to defend you at trial if you don't want the deal. Your plea decision is yours and yours alone. We will give you advice, but we will never pressure you to accept a plea deal that you don't want.

divorce, spousal support, AND COMMUNITY PROPERTY

How you handle your affairs immediately after you separate from your spouse can have long-lasting effects.  We know how to  protect your interests while you go through the difficulties of divorce.  


Let us help you to honor the legacy of your loved ones.  We know the importance of settling successions quickly and efficiently.  We also know how to represent your interests against those who would take advantage of you.  If you have lost a loved one, let us help you to put your affairs in order.  


Who will care for your children if something happens to you and your spouse? Who will settle your estate? If your spouse survives you, will he be taken care of? Who will help your children manage the assets that you leave them?  You can provide for these things in a will.

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